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How to convert photo into SVG?

How to convert photo into SVG?

Here are the methods to convert a photo into an SVG:

1. Online Converters:

1)Adobe Express:

  • Free and easy to use.
  • Upload a JPG or PNG image and it automatically converts it to SVG.
  • Download the SVG file instantly.

2) Picsvg:

  • Free online converter with various filters to enhance the SVG image result.
  • Upload an image file (JPG, PNG, GIF) up to 4MB.
  • Select filters to adjust the output.
  • Download the SVG file.


Free online converter with options for color, detail, and smoothing.

  • Upload a JPG, PNG, or GIF image.
  • Adjust settings as needed.
  • Download the SVG file.

2. Software Programs:

1) Adobe Illustrator:

  • Industry-standard vector graphics software.
  • Import a photo.
  • Use the "Image Trace" function to convert it to vector paths.
  • Save as an SVG file.

2) Inkscape:

  • Free, open-source vector graphics editor.
  • Import a photo.
  • Use the "Path" menu to create vector paths manually or use the "Trace Bitmap" function for automated conversion.
  • Save as an SVG file.

3. Manual Conversion (Optional):

  • Trace the photo's outlines manually using vector graphics software to create vector paths.
  • Time-consuming, but allows for greater control over the final SVG image.

Key Considerations:

  • Image Complexity: Simpler images with solid backgrounds convert more effectively.
  • File Size Limit: Some online converters have file size restrictions.
  • Editing Needs: For extensive editing, software programs offer more control.
  • Manual Effort: Manual conversion requires time and effort, but provides precision.